Instructions for using the Document Basket

You can use this feature to add fact sheets and presentations from the website to your "Document Basket", similar to the concept of shopping cart found on consumer websites. You can view all the documents or email them to yourself. Follow the instructions on the right, for using the Document Basket.

Note: Your browser must accept cookies for Document Basket to work. Make sure you check "Allow Cookies" at the following:

  • Tools > Internet Options for Internet Explorer
  • Edit > Preferences > Privacy and Security > Cookies for Netscape
  • Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies for Mozilla Firefox

Add and View the Document Basket

There are two ways to add and view documents to your basket:

  • I f you have a document open, simply click on the ADD button on the right hand sidebar. To view the documents, click on the view button on the right hand side bar. You can continue adding documents to your Basket.
  • If you are on the fact sheets or presentations main page, simply click on the check boxes on the right hand side besides the document to add it to your Document Basket.  You can check multiple check boxes at a time.  To view the documents, click on icon above the check boxes or on "VIEW THE DOCUMENT BASKET" at the top of the page.

Remove a document from your Basket

Click on the Delete button after you view your Document Basket. The document will be remover from your basket.

Empty your Document Basket

Click on the "Empty Document Basket" button to delete all documents from your Document Basket.

Email documents to yourself

Enter the desired email address in the box named "Email address." Type the subject of your email in the box named "Subject of your email". Documents will be emailed as links and clicking on them will open up the document on EnviroTools website.

Steps for using the Document Basket is created at Michigan State University and is sponsored by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.  If you have comments or questions, please contact us.